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Our promise

For a long time now, the SAQ has been a part of all your celebrations – big and small. In tune with your tastes, we take you on a path of discovery with tips and tools helping you enjoy every occasion to the fullest. The SAQ makes it a priority to be accessible to all Quebecers, offering products for all tastes and budgets.

  • Products for all tastes

    The SAQ is committed to offering one of the world’s widest selections of incomparably diverse products to satisfy all its customers.

    Always something new

    In order to quench your thirst for discovery, we regularly offer new products, Cellier arrivals, and limited-edition exclusivities. Be prepared to uncover new tastes, regions, and pairings.

    More than 1,350 new products per year
    Nouvel arrivage cellier - New product - Limited edition
    Tips and products to help you save

    The SAQ is attentive to your needs and makes it a priority to offer products for all taste profiles and budgets. We’ve got all kinds of ways to help you save and make smart purchases.

    More than 200 products for less than $12

    Yes, it’s possible to treat yourself without breaking the bank. Looking for a bottle of wine to pair with your Tuesday night pasta or to welcome unexpected guests? We offer a wide variety of good value wines. The Value Picks label makes it easy to spot these products, with prices and taste profiles that are sure to impress you.

    Products from 77 different countries

    The SAQ is among the world’s largest importers of wines and spirits, and is committed to offering you products in line with your tastes and budget.

    More than 4 000 products on SAQ.COM

    Take advantage of online SAQ offers, at any time. Click and discover.

    Origine Québec: Nearly 500 local products

    With the Origine Québec label, we carve out a special place for local products. Discover wines, ciders, spirits, honey wines, dessert wines, aperitifs, beers, and other alcohols developed for you, by local artisans.

    More than 2,700 signature products

    SAQ Signature is the destination of choice to share your passion with our advisors and find exclusive wines and spirits, including more than 330 exceptional scotches and whiskies.

    Signature / SAQ
    88,000 quality analyses

    Each product we carry is quality controlled in our laboratory, and undergoes taste tests. It’s our way of ensuring that every bottle contains a product of high quality, regardless of the price.

    Last update : September 10, 2016

  • Tips to help you make better choices

    Our commitment is to provide you with tips meeting your taste profile, thirst for discovery, and budget. In addition to our always-available in-store advisors, we have a variety of tools in our stores, online, or in our publications to help you make wise selections.


    Who share a passion for wines and spirits, and are committed to offering you great service. Let them advise you and take your taste buds on a trip.

    112 millions suggestions each year

    As experts, our goal is to stay ahead of trends in the wine and spirit world. Our greatest joy? Sharing our passion with you, and helping you discover products from here and around the world.

    SAQ Value Markers
    A tool to make your life easier and help you make informed purchases
    Value picks

    A variety of quality wines under $12.

    Cellier value picks

    Affordable finds from the Cellier space.

    Value treats

    Special products at attractive prices for all your celebrations.

    Promotions and discounts

    Take advantage of multiple in-store or online promotional events throughout the year: discounts on your favourite categories and products, savings on volume purchases, flyer rebates, and much more! An assortment of promotions for every occasion and every season.

    Tags for all tastes Wines & sparkling wines

    Taste tags helping you identify the types of red, white, rosé, or sparkling wine you prefer, and exploring products from the same profile with confidence.

    fruity and light / fruity and medium-bodied / aromatic and supple / aromatic and robust / delicate and light / fruity and vibrant / aromatic and mellow / fruity and sweet
    Fine spirits

    Taste tags designed to help you easily demystify the world of fine spirits.

    light & floral / medium-bodied & fruity / medium-bodied & woody / full-bodied & complex / full bodied & smoky

    Icons making it easier to discover new flavours and recognize different spirit families. Discover fun and simple equations introducing you to the world of cocktails, and allowing you to create your own mixes at home.

    Publications to guide your discovery
    Cellier Tchin Tchin

    Published every season, Tchin Tchin magazine offers you a host of tips, new products, valuable suggestions, as well as food and cocktail recipes. It contains everything you need to entertain in style, no matter the occasion! It’s available for free in every store as well as online on SAQ.COM.

    Cellier magazine keeps you up to date with new products, takes you behind the scenes of the wine world, and showcases current culinary trends. Each edition features around thirty wines available in limited quantities, at affordable prices. Check out the iPad version: it’s free and available wherever you are!

    Le courrier vinicole

    Le Courrier vinicole is a catalogue featuring rare and exclusive products. All products must be ordered online via the Services SAQ Signature Web site.

    Inspiring tips at all time
    Wine & spirits blogs Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / Instagram

    Thanks to our columnists and product experts, our Tchin Tchin and Cellier magazine blogs, as well as the Espace cocktail blog, keep you informed on the latest trends. Tips and inspiration abound!

    The SAQ’s social networks celebrate the art of living with wine and food pairings, cocktail recipes, wine suggestions, exclusivities, contests, and so much more. A source of daily inspiration at your fingertips!

    More than 2,000 food & cocktail recipes

    Try out the many recipes and pairings suggested by our advisors and social network columnists (also available at any time on SAQ.COM). Discover food and wine pairings or have fun creating festive cocktails to wow your guests.

    Last update : September 10, 2016

  • Our network is more accessible than ever

    The SAQ’s mission is to offer high-quality products at the same price everywhere across the province. With our well-established sales network and the implementation of in-store delivery for online purchases, we are more committed than ever to be as accessible as possible.

    More than 840 points of sale in Quebec

    Discover a wide variety of red wines, white wines, and spirits, and stock up on tips and suggestions.

    Explore a vast array of products and access an extended selection in the Cellier space.

    SAQ Sélection
    SAQ 22h Express

    Choose from our most popular products and make the most of extended opening hours.

    Enter a world of rare and high-end products, and receive personalized advice.

    SAQ Signature
    SAQ Dépôt

    Save up to 15% whenever you purchase 12 bottles or more.

    Take advantage of products and services adapted to the needs of restaurateurs, bar owners, and permit holders.

    SAQ Restauration
    SAQ Agence

    Access points of sale in remote areas.

    Take your time we'll still be here

    More than 20 of our stores are now open longer to better fit your lifestyle and offer you more flexibility. Come by Saturday to Wednesday until 8 p.m., or Thursday and Friday until 9 p.m.

    Shop from wherever you may be
    Cliquez / Achetez / Ramassez

    With free in-store delivery, online shopping is now easier than ever. Shop online whenever you feel like it and pick up your purchases at your nearest store. Enjoy ongoing promotions, tips and suggestions, and our wide selection of products on SAQ.COM or from the SAQ app.

    From the comfort of your home

    Explore a vast selection of products on SAQ.COM and have your order delivered at home or to your office in 3 to 5 business days, at a reasonable cost.

    Last update : September 10, 2016