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Cocktails are so simple

Making cocktails is much simpler than you may think! To help you create delicious concoctions,
we’ve put together three spirit families (bases, liqueurs, and creams) to be combined
with your favourite mixers (soda, fruit juice…). Have fun exploring the infinite flavour possibilities!

Vodka, Gin, Rum and Tequila are
essential bases to create deliciouscocktails,
whether you prefer themplain or flavoured.

Liqueurs with notes of fruit,
herb or spice will make
your cocktails even tastier.

On ice, in a cocktail
or in a coffee, creams tend
to be smooth and sweet.

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Music, new experiences and creative passion shape Quebec‘s own White Keys vodka. Daring and imaginative, its creators propose a unique homegrown product: Made with Canadian grains and local maple sap, it’s distilled in Montréal in an artisan’s copper still. In the glass, all this results in a distinctive and memorable texture that will amaze you.

MORE THAN 10/10 

Get to know Tanqueray No. TEN, a gin perfect for lovers of high end spirits. Crafted in the small No. 10 copper still, it’s distilled with fresh citrus for a brighter taste. Voted "Best White Spirit" three times in a row at the "San Francisco International Spirits Awards", this English gin will give your cocktails an overwhelming personality.