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Summary of the ingredients for the cocktail Gimlet
Dry gin Lemon juice

Level of simplicity

Quick cocktail
This cocktail is prepared In the glass


In the glass

Type of glass

Martini glass


Ice strainer
Mixing spoon
Mixing glass


Very strong

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Picture of cocktail Gimlet


60 ml (2 oz.) dry gin
30 ml (1 oz.) lemon juice
Pinch of sugar
Ice cubes
Lime wedge


Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass containing ice.
Mix using mixing spoon.
Strain over glass using an ice strainer.
Garnish with lime wedge.

did you know

To encourage marines to consume Vitamin C and thus prevent scurvy, Dr. Thomas Desmond Gimlette, member of the British Navy, mixed lime juice and gin. The marines called the combination a “Gimlet” in honour of its inventor.

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