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Do you want to make your mark in a high-profile, well-performing Quebec company committed to sustainable development? Would you like to be part of a talented team whose know-how is legendary? Enter a world of discovery!



You will be part...


Of a talented team renowned for its know-how
  • 6,900 employees enthusiastic about the company’s business and products
  • A high standard of customer service and a customer satisfaction rate of 94%
  • A major player in procurement: 13,300 products from 3,100 suppliers in 81 countries



A retailer with a strong performance record
  • A network of some 400 outlets across Quebec
  • $3.252 billion in annual sales and more than $1.114 billion in net earnings



A government corporation that makes a real contribution to Quebec’s community life
  • The first retailer to have stopped offering plastic bags
  • A company that has adopted eco-responsible practices in all its renovation and construction projects
  • A government corporation involved with 330 organizations through its $5.6 million donation and sponsorship program