FREE IN−STORE DELIVERY with any purchase of $75 or more

Terms and Conditions of Outlet Sales

Product Availability

Availability of products in outlets is shown in real-time on However, since we cannot guarantee availability of these products, we suggest you check with outlet personnel beforehand. The SAQ waives any liability in case of inventory shortages


Price Policy

  • The prices indicated on the site are those established for consumer sales.
  • The applicable sales taxes are included in the prices displayed.
  • reserves the right to modify the prices of products available on its site at any time, without prior notice.
  • All prices quoted on the site are in Canadian dollars.
  • The prices of products available on may differ from those posted in SAQ outlets.
  • To make up for unpredictable fluctuations in the market, the SAQ reserves the right to modify the prices of products available on its site at any time, without prior notice.


Payment Options

Purchases made at SAQ outlets may be paid for with cash, certified cheque, postal money order, Interac debit card or credit card (MasterCard, Visa and American Express). SAQ gift cards are also an accepted payment option.


Refund and Exchange Policy in Outlets

Upon presentation of a sales receipt, the SAQ refunds any product purchased in an SAQ store in the last 90 days, under certain conditions.


You must present the sales receipt when requesting a refund. For exchanges, the sales receipt is optional, provided that the following rules be complied with:


- a vintage product can be exchanged if there isn’t more than a one-year difference between the vintage being brought back and the one currently being sold;
- the label must not have changed;
- a product with an expiry date must not be expired;
- the product must exist in the directory;


To be exchanged or reimbursed, the returned product must be sealed in order for the store to be able to sell the product again, and the product inside the container must be defective. In this case, the returned bottle must be at least three quarters full. Otherwise, the packaging, the bottle and the labels of a sealed product that be can be sold again must be in good condition. An open bottle that doesn't have any fabrication defect cannot be refunded or exchanged.


With or without a sales receipt, a product that can't be consumed due to a fabrication defect can be exchanged or reimbursed under certain conditions. The exchange or refund may take place in the store of your choice, even if the purchase was made in another point of sale in Quebec (store, SAQ agency or supermarket*). The bottle of a defective product must be at least three quarters full.


If you purchased the product online, please see the Refund Policy.


A specific exchange and refund policy applies to permit holders. For more information, contact the Centre de relation clientèle - Restauration at 514 254-8686 or 1 888 554-8686 (Montreal area) or at 418 654-2950 or 1 888 654-2950 (Quebec City area).


*The following policy applies to products purchased in a grocery or convenience store: if the product is defective, it may be exchanged or refunded at the SAQ outlet of your choosing. If the product hasn’t been opened, you must go to the grocery store or convenience store where you purchased it to obtain an exchange or a refund.


Certain conditions and exclusions apply. Subject to change without prior notice. The SAQ reserves the right to decline a refund or to subtract points from the SAQ Inspire account in case of abusive or inappropriate returns by a client. Please consult store personnel or visit SAQ.COM for all the details.