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Generous Wines

The SAQ renews its campaign in support of Food Banks of Quebec and joins with spokesperson Saskia Thuot.


Montreal, April 25, 2013 – For the third year in a row, the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) is teaming up with Food Banks of Quebec to fight against hunger. Between April 26 and 28, for each bottle of white wine sold in its outlet network, the SAQ will donate $1 to Food Banks of Quebec. In addition, the suppliers of six specially selected white wines will up the ante, donating another $1 or $1.50 to the organization for each bottle of their product sold.


To support the campaign and attract as many people as possible to its outlets, the SAQ has joined with spokesperson Saskia Thuot. Appreciated by Quebecers for her smile and enthusiasm, the television host will mention the campaign during the broadcast of C’est extra on V Télé. The program Ça commence bien will also contribute to the cause. And, from April 22 to 26, the SAQ will broadcast ads on the same channel to encourage viewers to take part in the campaign. “Too many Quebecers don’t have access to enough quality food,” said Saskia Thuot. “I’m happy to be able to do my part to help the less fortunate. If my celebrity status can encourage people to take part and contribute generously to those in need, I’ll have done my job.”


For his part, Philippe Duval, President and Chief Executive Officer at the SAQ, stressed the importance of the cause for the company. “While the SAQ is associated with the pleasures of the table, every Quebecer is entitled not to go hungry. We are pleased to help make a difference in Quebecers’ food security. Last year, a total of $380,000 was donated to the organization. We’re counting on the participation of our customers to top that figure in 2013. We also encourage them to take advantage of the arrival of warm weather to stock up on a few bottles of white wine for the cause,” he stated.


“The efforts made by the SAQ and the funds raised by the campaign are crucial to our operation,” said Zakary O. Rhissa, General Manager, Food Banks of Quebec. “Year in, year out, the demand for assistance continues to grow. But donations and grants don’t always keep pace. Lacking financial resources and food in sufficient amounts, we meet only about 50% of the need. Calls for generosity like the SAQ’s have to be heard. We now hope that every white wine lover will drop by an outlet to help our network and people in need.”


The “doubly generous” wines

Maison Nicolas Réserve, Chardonnay (00577122) – $1.50 donation

Bottero Di Cello Bianco, Veneto IGT (00430462) – $1 donation

Rieflé Bonheur Convivial, Riesling, Alsace AOC (10915327) – $1.50 donation

Cupcake, Chardonnay (11372791) – $1 donation

Hanns Christof, Liebfraumilch QBA, Rheinhessen (00003269) – $1 donation

Aveleda, Vinho Verde DOC (00005322) – $1 donation


About Food Banks of Quebec

For nearly 25 years, the Food Banks of Quebec (FBQ) network has supported and represented 18 members of the Moissons food banks across Quebec. The banks supply 1,064 community organizations that handle more than 1.8 million requests for emergency food assistance each month. Since 2011, the food assistance program has seen demand rise 17%.


A member of Food Banks Canada, the FBQ is the Quebec representative of the National Food Sharing System and for the HungerCount annual socio-economic report, which paints a picture of the people who rely on food assistance across Canada.

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About the SAQ

The SAQ’s mandate is to sell alcoholic beverages by offering a broad range of quality products. The SAQ carries out this mandate through a network of some 400 outlets and 400 agency stores. It sells nearly 11,000 products from some 65 countries.

In addition to its commercial mission, the SAQ fully assumes its role as a responsible corporate citizen by contributing each year to some 500 organizations and events across Quebec through its donation and sponsorship program. In fiscal 2011–2012, the value of these contributions totalled $7.4 million.  / link opens in a new window.