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Origine Québec: an exceptional showcase for Quebec products!

Montreal, June 19, 2014 – It was last November that, in collaboration with the Association des vignerons du Québec, the SAQ committed to spotlighting Quebec certified wines by giving them a new space of their own, specially identified with “Origine Québec” signs, which will allow Quebecers to discover and embrace local wines. That the initiative has already proved its worth speaks for itself: since its introduction, sales of Quebec wines have risen 40%.


In recent months, customers have seen the new Origine Québec signage go up in all SAQ Sélection and Express stores. The Origine Québec space has been created to make it easier to find Quebec products in the stores. A wider selection of Quebec wines is now better located, more accessible and more visible than ever. And this is just the beginning because the deployment of Origine Québec is still under way and will continue as production permits.


“The initiatives taken by the SAQ have extraordinary spin-offs for the Quebec wine industry,” said Charles-Henri de Coussergues, President of the Association des vignerons du Québec. “With Quebec wines being ever better known and ever higher in quality, we were ready to take a new step and the SAQ’s action plan couldn’t be more timely. The rising demand for our products is being felt across the province and we are confident that the changes made by the SAQ will help spur our industry’s growth.”


“How far we have come,” exclaimed Alain Brunet, President and Chief Executive Officer of the SAQ. “We are very proud that the close cooperation we have developed with local producers has had such a positive impact on the wine industry. The SAQ cares deeply about Quebec products and is working to promote them and give them their rightful place.”


Discover Quebec products during the Fête nationale!

The Fête nationale du Québec is the perfect time to discover wines and other alcoholic beverages made in Quebec. As it does every year, the SAQ is offering a discount of 10% on all Origine Québec products from June 20 to 23. The SAQ encourages its customers to take advantage of this opportunity to taste the savoir faire of local producers.