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Les ventes et le résultat net en hausse


Montreal, August 29, 2014 –  For the first quarter of its 2014–2015 fiscal year, which ended June 21, 2014, the SAQ recorded sales of $692.9 million, an increase of $37.6 million or 5.7% from the preceding fiscal year. For the same 12-week period, it also reported net earnings of $234.2 million, up $12.9 million or 5.8%. The quarter’s strong sales performance can be attributed largely to Easter week sales, which were not part of the first quarter results in fiscal 2013–2014, and to promotional campaigns much appreciated by customers.


Value sales in the store and specialized centre network grew 6% to $614.7 million, compared with the $579.7 million recorded 12 months earlier. For their part, volume sales totalled 35.7 million litres, a 4.4% increase.


In addition, value sales in the wholesale grocer network rose $2.6 million or 3.4% to $78.2 million. The corresponding volume sales increased 1% to 9.7 million litres.


Expressed as a percentage of sales, net expenses were 19%, down from the 19.2% in the preceding fiscal year.



Volume sales by category


-   Wines increased 5%, ending the quarter at 37.6 million litres.

-   Spirits rose 2.1% to total 4.9 million litres.

-   Coolers, also known as ready-to-drinks, went from 2.3 million to 2 million litres.

-   Imported and microbrewery beers, ciders and related products held steady at 0.9 million litres.



Origine Québec


From the beginning of the year, the SAQ has maintained its resolve to showcase Quebec wines in its stores, making them more visible and accessible to customers than ever. In the first quarter of fiscal 2014–2015, it continued rolling out its new Origine Québec section in its SAQ Express and SAQ Sélection stores. Sales of Quebec wines increased more than 60% during the same period. Building on this early success, the blue-themed section is being gradually introduced in the SAQ’s other stores.