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April 4, 2013

Several claims have recently appeared in the media regarding the presence of wines costing less than $15 on the shelves of the SAQ. The company wants to assure its customers that it has no plans for a retail strategy aimed at eliminating such products. The SAQ continues to offer more than 900 products under $15. That’s 900 opportunities for wine discoveries.


It is true that some products have left the sub-$15 price bracket in recent years. However, in most cases, the products were not withdrawn from the shelves to make room for more expensive items. Instead, it was successive increases in the QST (2011–2012) and in the specific tax on beverage alcohol (2012) that pushed their retail prices above the $15 mark, though often by only a few cents.


In addition, customers’ tastes have evolved significantly during the period. Customers are curious and interested in discovering wines in every price bracket. As a retailer focused on satisfying its customers, the SAQ has strived to expand its product offer in categories that were formerly less well-rounded, all with the goal of reflecting consumers’ new buying habits. Similarly, the SAQ plans to introduce around ten new products costing less than $10.95 by the end of 2013 in order to improve its offer in this category.


Lastly, the SAQ reminds its customers that its retail prices are governed by known, rigorous and transparent mechanisms. Taken together, the company’s efforts enable it to offer its customers a unique and appreciated shopping experience while maintaining, year after year, the kind of sound management that makes it possible for it to remit to the Quebec government a dividend that benefits the entire community.