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September 26, 2013

Following publication of the article “Des rabais hors prix” on the front page of today’s La Presse, we want to clarify the situation for our customers.


We are committed to vigorously negotiating product prices with our suppliers. The SAQ assumes this responsibility and is aware that it may not always be to some suppliers’ liking.


Before allowing a supplier to raise its price, we require justification. Increasing a price shortly before taking part in one of our promotional programs is prohibited. This is one of the terms and conditions set out in our Purchasing and Merchandising Policy (PDF - 88 KB).


It should also be noted that in the last five years, wine prices at the SAQ have increased at a rate lower than the inflation rate, specifically at an annual average rate of 0.7%.


The top criterion for winning customers’ hearts remains the quality-price ratio. Ultimately, it is customers who decide how long a product stays on our shelves. And, as should be true for every retailer, their satisfaction is our priority.