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It is by sharing and being actively involved
in our local environment that the word community
takes on its full meaning.

Let's multiply our efforts and continue to end hunger.




A Taste for Ending Hunger

Because at the SAQ, we believe that, before drinking well, it is essential to have enough to eat, and because that means giving to those in need, the SAQ has made food assistance its corporate cause.


A proud partner of Food Banks of Quebec (FBQ), the SAQ organizes several initiatives a year to raise funds for distribution by the FBQ to the 19 regional Moissons and nearly 1,200 community organizations across Quebec.


During our latest campaign, the SAQ donated $1 to the FBQ for each bottle of white wine sold between May 4 and 6, 2018. We also collected donations in our stores from May 4 to 13. This year, the campaign raised a total of $905,108.


What’s more, customers can support the cause all year long, as all profits from the sale of gift boxes and wood boxes are remitted to the FBQ. Last March, we donated $150,000 thanks to this initiative. As a consequence, since the beginning of the year, the SAQ’s financial contribution amounts to over a million dollars.


Knowing that a $1 donation is the equivalent of three meals, we are pleased to be able to assist many families across the province due to the generosity of our customers and the involvement of our employees.


Together, let’s redouble our efforts to end hunger!



In 2018, the SAQ raised $1,055,108.