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We have implemented many initiatives
to reduce the environmental impact
of our activities.

Containers with a low environmental footprint

Lightweight glass

The SAQ is committed to offering more wines in containers with fewer environmental impacts. While it is continuing its work to provide a second life to glass, it is also minimizing its use of glass by using lightweight glass. This is done by making bottle weight a factor in the regular product selection process. The SAQ also encourages all suppliers to use lightweight containers when bottling their wines.


Since 2010, the average weight of a 750 ml wine bottle has decreased by nearly 40 g. In addition, shipping lightweight glass bottles cuts annual greenhouse gas emissions by 21 kilotonnes and generates savings of nearly $600,000 a year in freight costs.



Alternative containers

To help us make informed choices, a research centre analyzed the life cycles of wine containers. It measured their potential environmental impacts and identified the containers with the smallest ecological footprint. Box wines and products sold in bags and multilayer Tetra Pak-type containers are good examples of eco-friendly packaging.