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Organic products

Organic products are on the rise!

The SAQ is committed to selling products that meet the needs of its customers, who are increasingly concerned about what they buy, and to providing pointers that help them easily find these products in stores and online.


All SAQ organic products have an organic certification recognized by the Canadian government. They include products in the following three categories:


Organic products

Wines, beers, ciders, honey wines (meads) and other products made from ingredients grown without synthetic chemicals (pesticides, fungicides and herbicides).

Biodynamic products

These are made from ingredients grown using methods that treat the earth as a living organism. The producers work to intensify the life of the soil to encourage better interaction between the plant, soil and environment.

Natural wines

These wines are made from organically grown grapes vinified in ways conducive to the expression of terroir. The winemaker’s interventions in the vineyard and cellar are kept to a minimum.

Find them easily

To raise the profile of organic products and help our customers find them easily, they are identified with a green price tag in stores and an organic logo on




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