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Donations and sponsorships

Donations and sponsorships allow the SAQ to maintain a balance between its business and social roles and to support its commitment to enriching Quebec’s community life. Through its donation and sponsorship program, the SAQ contributes to the economic and social vitality of Quebec’s regions by annually investing more than $6.5 million in some 450 organizations and events.


Summary of the SAQ’s Donation and Sponsorship Policy (PDF, French only - 450 KB)



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Food assistance in Quebec : a cause that is dear to us!

The SAQ is at the heart of the pleasures of the table, but before talking about wine and food pairings, you must first be able to eat your fill. For this reason, the SAQ has been associating itself with the Food Banks of Quebec and La Tablée des Chefs organizations since 2011.


The last campaign that took place in our 400 stores allowed us to give $705 456 to Food Banks of Quebec.


Gift boxes are now sold in our stores for the benefit of Food Banks of Quebec.



Social sponsorships

The nature of the products it sells makes the SAQ an excellent fundraising resource for social organizations eligible under its donation and sponsorship policy. In such cases, the SAQ participates in the organization’s main fundraising activity once a year.


Calendar of SAQ’s Social Sponsorships (PDF - 23 KB - French only)


The SAQ is involved with its community throughout Quebec. Here are some of the organizations to which it will contribute in the coming months.

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Event sponsorships

Events and organizations that the SAQ supports must be active in areas related to its mission, be appreciated by Quebecers and attract a critical mass of people. These events are usually festivals, fairs or public celebrations.


Calendar of SAQ’s event sponsorships (PDF - 110 KB - French only)


The SAQ associates with events and organizations that celebrate the joy of living throughout Quebec and appeal to all Quebecers.


Humanitarian contributions

In the humanitarian sector, the SAQ’s participation takes the form of: