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Sales ethic

An ethical sales policy means refusing to sell to:

  • minors;
  • persons who are obviously inebriated;
  • persons of legal drinking age who are trying to buy alcohol for a minor (even if they are a parent or guardian) or on behalf of someone who is inebriated.


Why is this so important?

  • Because alcoholic beverages are products unlike any other, the sale of alcohol is controlled by laws and regulations.
  • Because the Act respecting offences relating to alcoholic beveragesThis link will open in a new window. stipulates that:
    • a minor may not purchase alcoholic beverages for himself or another person (section 103.9);
    • an adult may not purchase alcoholic beverages for a minor (section 117.1).
  • Because the SAQ has implemented a sales ethic to ensure that it sells alcoholic beverages responsibly.
  • Because upholding the sales ethic is an integral part of our work and duties. As SAQ representatives, we are duty-bound to abide by it and ensure it is strictly followed.

Printable version of SAQ detailed sales ethic (PDF - 58 KB)


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