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Useful links and ressources

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Clubs and Associations

*Last updated February 2012

Professional wine taster or just an enthusiastic amateur? Share your interests! Here are some of the tasting clubs and associations operating in Québec.


Wines and Spirits

Competitions, Festivals and Trade Shows

Wines, beers and spirits are at the centre of many international events. Check out these Websites to find out about activities happening here in Québec.



Trade Shows

Learning About Alcoholic Beverages

Interested in learning more about wines, beers or spirits? These addresses are sure to whet your appetite.




Wine Cellaring

Take a tour of these Websites for tips and information on wine cellaring and the conservation conditions that will enable wines to reach their full potential.

Equipment and Accessories

From bottle openers to wine cellars, the following Websites specialize in all sorts of accessories and equipment for successful tastings.



Wine Cellar Software


Attention food lovers: These Websites are bound to make your mouth water. Use the search engines below to pick and choose from the many fine restaurants in Québec. Naturally, many include a "Bring your own wine" search option.

Search Engines (Restaurants)

Electronic Magazines and Publications

Be inspired by these tasteful readings! To find out more about the wines, beers and spirits, you can also visit the "Learning About Alcoholic Beverages" section.

Electronic Magazines


Search Engines and Site Directories

Why get caught up in the World Wide Web when you have access to search engines and site directories specializing in alcoholic beverages?