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Let’s talk about liquor

Talking about wines and spirits is about embarking on a voyage of discovery, learning a little history and becoming familiar with a specialized vocabulary. It’s also an opportunity to put your new knowledge into practice and explore new tastes, match wines with your favourite foods and discover your very own taste profile. Explore our sections one by one, and before you know it you’ll be an expert too!


The Art of the Table

Come dine with us and discover the art of matching wines with meals, tasting techniques, the subtleties of serving, and a wealth of tips and tricks for making dinner that much more delicious.

Discover the art of the table

The ABCs of Wine and Liquor

Immerse yourself in the world of wines and spirits through an exploration of the main producing countries, vine techniques and so much more. Bone up on some theory before putting your knowledge into practice!

Discover the ABCs of wine and liquor



Taste Tags

Discover your taste profile and learn to identify the styles of wine you love. Reds, whites, rosés: Taste profiles are a practical tool for making intelligent purchases and finding the right wine for the right dish.

Discover your taste tags