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This section pays tribute to our local artisans. You’ll find all the products of the Quebec terroir the SAQ offers and a wealth of useful information. Discover our own minor miracles—harvested, processed and bottled by the home distillers on our doorstep.




To try them is to love them

Relying on the richness of our own terroirs to develop authentic local products, Quebec’s resourceful artisan distillers offer a range of products rich in flavour. Discover something new by exploring the history, classification, making and pairings of the products of the Quebec terroir.



Explore all the facets of mead and honey wine production. This section is abuzz with information!


Get the scoop on cider production: Take a big bite into our Apples section!


Discover the gutsy Québec grape varieties that have been able to adapt to seasonal changes. Harvest some useful information along the way!


The most popular product in Quebec has inspired a range of fantastically flavourful products. Learn more about this jewel of the terroir.


The berries that grow on Quebec soil are a joy to artisan distillers and consumers alike. Discover the products inspired by these delicious berries.