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The principal ingredient in mead, honey, is as old as history itself. Over the centuries, its catalogue of virtues has only grown. Today, Québec’s artisan distillers have taken this heritage and run with it, offering a range of delicious honey-based products.

Honey wines and meads

Honey wines, better known as meads, are made cold to preserve all the compounds and flavours of honey. Served cold, these local products are a refreshing introduction to another facet of the Québec terroir.



Mead history

Like the honey it’s made from, mead comes with its own share of legends. Some believed that honey wine had fortifying, stimulating and aphrodisiac powers, hence the tradition in northern Europe for young newlyweds to drink honey wine for the first moon after their union, a custom that gave us the word “honeymoon.”


Nectar of the gods

The Greeks called the drink ambrosia—meaning immortal—and claimed it to be the drink of the gods of Olympus. The Gauls believed it gave them strength and cheer. And who can forget the Druid Getafix’s legendary magic potion, one of whose ingredients was purported to be mead?