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Refreshing and tasty, the beer has a nice effervescence that makes her a perfect choice as an aperitif as well as in the evening. Brewed throughout the world, it is obtained by the fermentation of a mash of cereals flavored with hops and comes in many varieties and flavors. Discover one of the oldest beverages in the world, peculiarities of its service and how to pair it successfully with food.


Recognized for its benefits

Savory and refreshing, with the calming effects of alcohol and hops, beer may also be served before or after meals, thanks to its effervescent qualities. Beer consumed in moderation even contributes essential nutrients to the body. Since the main ingredient is water, beer is an excellent thirst quencher and the alcohol and residual sugar in beer provide energy. Beer helps maintain the cardiovascular and coronary systems, is protein-rich, contains minerals and B vitamins and it is low in sodium.




Make a quick tour of the history of beer through time.

Beer classification

Learn how to classify different types of beer according to their characteristics.


Discover the secrets of beer service.