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Champagne and sparkling wine

Bubbles for every occasion

Companion to every festive occasion, these wines are characterised by the presence—sometimes faint, sometimes substantial—of carbon dioxide. Semi-sparkling wines have a slight effervescence, while the sparkling variety and Champagnes have an abundance.


Immersing oneself in the world of bubbly wines requires first an understanding of the different ways these wines are made (and the impact they have on the final product’s taste), deciphering the statements on the labels, and knowing the right way to serve them.



Form bottling to serving

Once you’ve learned a few basic concepts, you’ll know which type of sparkling wine or Champagne is suitable for you, and what the right way is to serve it. To understand the product you’re buying, it’s important to know about its method of production, but an understanding of bottle sizes and the information on the label are useful pointers as well.


Behind the bubbles

Discover where the bubbles come from when sparkling wines and Champagnes are made.

Labels and bottles

Decipher the information on the label to facilitate your choice.