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Explore the world of wines and spirits and learn how to better taste, select and appreciate them.

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SAQ Workshops by ITHQ


Wine and Spirits Courses

The SAQ, in collaboration with the ITHQ, offers seven courses to help you develop your knowledge of wines and spirits. Come expand your horizons in revisited workshops full of sharing, tasting and discovering. See all courses


    Wine 101

    This introductory course is intended for those who want to learn basic wine tasting techniques and terminology.



    Get hands-on practice in making a variety of cocktails, from the classics to bold new creations, in a fully equipped bar.


    Vins de France (French only)

    Château, grand cru, grand cru classé… What do they actually mean? Find out in this course on the wines of the world's greatest wine-producing country. In French only.


    Cépages (French only)

    Ever wondered why Australian and French Syrahs are so different? In this course on grape varieties, you will learn about the main factors that can influence the taste of wines. In French only.


    Vins d'Italie (French only)

    Travel deep into the heart of Italian wine country to experience the charm of its wines. You will explore the wine-producing regions of Italy from the Veneto to Sicily and learn about their specialties. In French only.


    Vins d'Espagne (French only)

    Rioja, Crianza, Albariño, Verdejo… find your bearings in the rich world of Spanish wines. In French only.


    Scotchs et Whiskys (French only)

    Learn all about these leading distilled spirits and their many varieties. In French only.


    Bulles (French only)

    Prosecco, cava, crémant and champagne. Are they all the same? Learn the facts about sparkling wines and what sets each one apart. In French only.


    Apéro estival (French only)

    Is there a better time than beloved aperitif time? It’s the perfect occasion to leave the day behind and start relaxing with a good drink and appetizers. In French only.

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Food and wine pairing workshops

Learn how to harmonize tastes and aromas in one of our culinary or tasting workshops, constantly reimagined for the new seasons.

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