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Port and fortified wine

This category comprises every wine that has been “fortified” at some time during its making with the addition of alcohol. A specialty in the Mediterranean Basin, they include ports, sherries, and Maury and Banyuls wines. They can be white, rosé or red, and, depending on the time when the alcohol is added, yield dry, semi-dry or sweet wines.


A joy to discover

In this section, you’ll learn every wine’s story, how it’s made, the right way to serve it, and the ideal time to drink it.





Take a look at the different types of ports and the techniques that make them.

Fortified wine

Discover fortified wines and the foods they go with.

Banyuls, Maury and Rivesaltes

Banyuls, Maury and Rivesaltes: Explore the star appellations of the Roussillon.


Immerse yourself in the world of sherries.