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The fermented grape juice that is wine has stimulated the senses and curiosity of enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike for centuries. Wines’ great diversity is due to an equation of factors: of the grape varieties used, of the terroir in which it is grown and of the hand of the person making it.


A wine for every taste

Whether they’re whites, rosés or reds, wines have won the hearts of thousands of passionate fans across Québec. This introduction to the world of winemaking will take you on a journey through wines’ origins, teach you the ways they are made and introduce you to the grape varieties that define their identities.



Noble origins

Delve into wine’s history throughout the different eras.

Growing grapes

Discover the steps involved in growing grapes

Grape varieties

Explore the characteristics of grape varieties


Vintage charts can provide useful information about the quality of overall production in a particular region in a particular year, and tell you when the wine will be at its peak for drinking.


Browse vintage chart (PDF - 400 KB)