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Helpful hints

Wine and food pairings are highly varied and can sometimes seem difficult to get right. Here are some helpful hints to simplify things and get your flavours in tune.



Vary your cheeses! If you’re serving a strong cheese, opt for a full-bodied yet supple wine. With a more subtle kind of cheese, serve a light, refreshing wine.


To every sauce its wine! The fleshier the wine, the more intense the sauce should be (think pepper sauce, for instance).

Shepherd’s pie

Reinvent your shepherd’s pie! With a delicate meat like veal, opt for a generously fruity wine. When it’s a strong-flavoured, woody meat like game, choose a more full-bodied wine.

Turkey three ways

Combine oven-roasted turkey with a FRUITY and LIGHT wine. The day after, serve the leftover turkey in tacos with fresh ingredients, which go well with a FRUITY and MEDIUM-BODIED wine. The day after that, bake a succulent lasagne and accompany it with an AROMATIC and SUPPLE wine.


Don’t be afraid of herbal notes, such as chopped mint, with a DELICATE and LIGHT wine. Look for a bracing pairing between a FRUITY and VIBRANT wine and a garnish perfumed with lime and fresh basil.


With a vegetarian tagine, savour the suppleness of a FRUITY and MEDIUM-BODIED wine. With a white meat like chicken, serve an AROMATIC and SUPPLE wine to provide an effective counterpoint to the taste of the spices. An AROMATIC and ROBUST wine goes well with highly flavoured meats like lamb.

Asian rolls

With vegetables or raw fish, instead of opting for a white wine, leave the beaten path and try a fruity red with silky tannins. With spicy or wild meats, go with a more full-bodied wine with complex aromas.