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Close to 50,000 people voted and the time has come for the grand unveiling.
Without further ado, discover the cocktail of Quebec right now and share it with friends
and family during your whirlwind of celebrations.


ALSO TAKE A LOOK AT THE FINALISTS: The Quebec Sour and The Fleur-de-Lys.






The creator of the winning cocktail, Jean-René Lebel, and a person of his choice will fly to Great Britain
to attend 2018’s London Cocktail Week, courtesy of Air Transat.




What spirits and basic bar tools should you have at home? And what about garnishes, dosage, flavours and using a shaker? Here’s the skinny on how to get acquainted with the wonderful world of cocktails.


Discover some 800 cocktail recipes for every taste and every occasion.

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Cocktails are so simple

Making cocktails is much simpler than you may think! To help you create delicious concoctions,
we’ve put together three spirit families (bases, liqueurs, and creams) to be combined
with your favourite mixers (soda, fruit juice…). Have fun exploring the infinite flavour possibilities!

Vodka, Gin, Rum and Tequila are
essential bases to create deliciouscocktails,
whether you prefer themplain or flavoured.

Liqueurs with notes of fruit,
herb or spice will make
your cocktails even tastier.

On ice, in a cocktail
or in a coffee, creams tend
to be smooth and sweet.


Most common questions

What criteria will be used to judge the cocktails?
  • Originality;
  • Simplicity: the recipe must have five (5) or fewer ingredients (excluding decorative elements and ice), take less than five (5) minutes to make, and use standard kitchen equipment;
  • Availability of the alcohols and other ingredients throughout Quebec, year-round; should an ingredient not meet this criterion, it could be listed as an optional element of the recipe;
  • Overall harmony of flavours and textures: tart, sweet, sour and/or smooth;
  • Balance with regard to strength: the alcohol content for the type of cocktail (maximum of three (3) ounces), be it a short or long drink;
  • The aesthetic appeal of the drink and its decorative elements;
  • “Shooter”-style recipe suggestions will not be accepted;
  • Incomplete posts will be automatically rejected.
How will the winner be chosen?
  • 1) Submitted recipes will be validated by an SAQ committee to ensure they are complete, and to ensure that they meet all Contest requirements – between September 7 and 30;
  • 2) A selection committee of twelve (12) mixologists will taste-test cocktails in order to determine top 16 finalists – October 14;
  • 3) A committee composed of Inspire members, mixologists and bloggers will test all 16 finalist cocktails to determine the top 3 finalists – October 22;
  • 4) All Quebec residents aged 18 years and over can vote for the cocktail of their choice – between November 2 and December 2. There will be a tasting of the top 3 finalists in SAQ stores on Friday, November 17.
Who can submit a recipe to the Contest?

The Contest is open to all Quebec residents aged 18 years and over, who can submit a recipe or vote for the signature Quebec cocktail from among the top three finalists.

When will the winning cocktail be revealed?

The winning cocktail will be revealed during the week of December 11 via the following media platforms:  

  • SAQ Inspire newsletter
  • SAQ social media
  • Contest media partners “Quebecor Media and Bell Media”

The winning cocktail may also be tasted Friday December 15 in SAQ stores.

What’s the contest all about?

The idea is simple: why doesn’t Quebec have a cocktail to represent and celebrate it? Cuba has the Cuba Libre, Italy the negroni, Brazil the Caipirinha etc.  Despite being proud of our history and having a love of all things gourmet, it’s shocking to discover that Quebec doesn’t have a signature cocktail. Wherefrom the idea of asking Quebecers to create a cocktail of our own comes!


See complete contest rules (PDF).



NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Residents of Quebec aged 18 and over who meet the contest’s eligibility requirements. In effect from November 2 to December 2, 2017, at 11:59 p.m. Draw on December 4, 2017. Quebec residents are invited to fill out the online entry form at and vote for their favourite cocktail. Entrants will be invited to share the contest on social media or by email in order to get an additional entry. To be won: Five (5) pairs of VIP tickets to the Invasion Cocktail event and 30 Invasion Cocktail T-shirts. Prizes are supplied by Invasion Cocktail. Approximate total value of $1,400. Limit of one entry per person for the duration of the contest. However, any entrant who shares the contest on social media or by email will get an additional chance to win. The odds of winning depend on the number of entries. No substitution or transfer of prizes. Rules available at SAQ.COM/quebeccocktail. SAQ Customer Service: 514-254-2020 or 1-866-873-2020.