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Tulip glass

Boasting sassy curves, the tulip glass is perfect for serving fruity, perfumed cocktails.

Martini glass

This classic glass is ideal for your favourite short drinks.

Verre INAO

The ideal glass for sampling wines or wine-based cocktails.

Highball glass

Made for serving long drinks, fill the highball glass with ice for super-cool cocktails.

Old-fashioned glass

Perfect for short drinks, it also goes by the names of “whisky glass” and “small tumbler.”

Margarita glass

Serve margaritas and other drinks like it in this glass.


Not just for toasting champagne or sparkling wine, the flute is also used to serve some very sophisticated cocktails.

Brandy snifter

This glass is perfect for serving cognac and armagnac.

Shot glass

The shot glass is perfect for serving digestifs, strong drinks or flambées (it’s heat-resistant!), which are usually enjoyed in one gulp.

Toddy glass

Thanks to its plump handle, the toddy glass is perfect for serving hot and creamy cocktails.