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Le Courrier vinicole

Le Courrier vinicole is a catalogue of rare and exclusive products. The products can be consulted online or in the paper edition sent to members, but must be ordered on line via SAQ Inspire Signature.

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2017 bordeaux futures

Discover our selection of 2017 Bordeaux Futures, a classic, balanced and elegant vintage suitable for cellaring, as well as our team’s favourites—you’ll want these wonderful wines!

Burgundy 2015

In this special "Burgundy" edition of the Courrier vinicole, the spotlight is on the 2015 vintage. Qualified as exceptional in most terroirs, the vegetative season is a promise of fullness and balance in the wines.

The Odyssey a quest for treasures

This latest edition of the Courrier vinicole offers you a trip into the depths of the wine universe, in which you’ll discover coveted jewels made by true winemaking craftsmen. Several producers and celebrated cuvées are featured, but also a few new products with a lot of potential.

Italia e tutti quanti

In this edition of the Courrier vinicole, you will find outstanding Italian wines prized the world over such as Masseto, wines from Le Macchiole and Gaja, as well as many other fine Italian cuvées. We also invite you to explore a wide selection of French wines, including several top-flight champagnes, jewels of Spain and many revelations from up and coming terroirs.

A celebration of grape varieties

This new Courrier vinicole selection offers a journey in every corner of the "wine world" with several grape varieties cherished by wine lovers. Discover their wide range of aromas marked by the styles of renowned producers and mythical terroirs.

2016 Bordeaux Futures

Proclaimed by all experts, the 2016 vintage is exceptional and we now know that its resulting cuvees will be grandiose. And not just for a few chosen châteaux; all Bordeaux regions were blessed and across them all, true gems are currently being crafted in their wood cradles. Stock up now on the Futures and get your hands on these amazing products!

2014 Burgundy

Le Courrier vinicole has another special edition for you, dedicated entirely to the Burgundy 2014 vintage, a year that is yielding spectacular whites and classic reds with undeniable charm.

Piedmont & Veneto

In this new Courrier vinicole selection, you'll find exclusive wines from the beloved regions of Piedmont and Veneto, lands that ignite the passions of collectors thanks to that very special classic yet modern signature that is pure Italy.

Marvels of Spain

In this brand new edition of the Courrier vinicole, you can access the greatest names of Spanish wine, like Vega Sicilia, Dominio de Pingus, Raúl Pérez, Terroir al Límit and many more; names that collectors await with anticipation every year, as well as new and intriguing names you’ll enjoy discovering.

The greatest of California and elsewhere

In this brand new edition you can access the greatest names of California wine, like Dominus, Harlan, Bryant, Peter Michael and many more; names that collectors await with anticipation every year, as new and intriguing producers that you will no doubt explore with excitement. In its new rendition, the online catalogue now features wines from other regions than its main theme, so you can also order exclusive products from France, Italy and elsewhere in the current selection.


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