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SAQ Suggestions

We’re all about product suggestions and we’re dedicated to bringing you novel ideas: new arrivals, advisor favourites… Explore away!

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Every month in the Cocktail section, get to know Trending spirits, new and hot products that will give your favourite cocktails a unique charm for sure!

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Cellier Must-Try Selections include reds and whites among wine fans’ favourites and solid values at affordable prices starting at $9.50.

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It’s the savoir faire of producers and their craft. It’s the sun, wind, snow. It’s our wine, our meads, our ciders, our maple products and our berry liqueurs.

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Red, white or rosé, dry or sweet, South West France wines are know for their incredible aromatic palette, authenticity and diversity.

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If you fancy fine spirits, visit our section dedicated to the world of eaux-de-vie regularly to make great finds over and over again.

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Get your hands on five of the Grand Gold winners from the 2015 edition of the Sélections Mondiales des Vins contest.

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SAQ Dépôt is your best ally to prepare for your celebrations and make your life easier with a wide variety of quality products, and rebates every day!

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Get inspired by the Party Creator to mark your special occasions. From cocktails to dessert, you’ll find plenty of suggestions for great moments.

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A variety of quality wines at friendly prices, to enjoy with Tueday night pasta or for impromptu dinners and gatherings.

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Large formats of 1.5, 3 and 4 liters from popular producers at bargain prices, ideal when entertaining a big crowd.

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Go on a delicious treasure hunt by exploring a varied selection of wines and spirits offered in limited quantity.

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Across the globe, an astounding diversity of wine styles can be found. New World and Old Continent alike go to great lengths to elaborate wines that meet consumers’ constantly rising expectations. Have a look at our suggestions by clicking on the links below and navigate an exquisite range of flavours!