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We've brought all of our most festive products together in the same spot so you can choose just the right drink for your occasions great and small. Discover the Celebrations zone in our outlets, or shop online to find the sparkling wines, ciders and ports that will delight your guests from aperitifs to dessert.

Champagnes and bubblies

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Born from passion and pride. It’s the savoir faire of producers, their craft and their land. It’s heart and soul, it’s the sun, wind, snow. It’s our wine, our meads, our ciders, our maple products and our berry liqueurs.

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Our Selection
of bubblies

Great for special occasions, sparkling wines are available in a wide range of prices. Also try them out on less formal occasions, just for the fun of it.

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A World to

To end or prolong a wonderful evening, serve your guests some port. Drink it on its own or serve it with blue cheese or fine chocolates.

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a Wealth of
Dessert wines!

Made from grapes with high sugar content, dessert wines are experiencing a resurgence in popularity and offer a wide range of flavours.

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