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Discover California


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Golden State? Why beaches, sun, surf, beautiful people, fresh food and of course, wine.


When it comes to food, it really is California dreaming! The state is chock full of fresh local produce that inspires some of the best chefs and draws foodies across the world. It’s time for you to get cooking with California cuisine.


Located within the rare Mediterranean climate zone, Napa produces 4% of Californian wine. Although Napa Valley produces some impeccable Chardonnays and Zinfandels, it is truly famous for its Cabernet Sauvignon wines, some of them regarded as the finest and most age-worthy in the world.


Chardonnay is the most abundant varietal in Sonoma County, but Pinot Noir is giving it a run for its money with world-acclaimed products in Russian River Valley. Both varietals thrive in the cool, foggy region, sought after by winemakers around the globe to create artisan wines of outstanding character.


This is the Golden State’s largest and most diverse wine region. It is also home to California’s “Rhône Zone”, featuring premium Syrah and other Rhône-inspired varietals and blends. An estimated 58% of Paso’s grapes are sold to wineries outside the area, making them the secret ingredient in other California wines.


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