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Sixty thousand hectares are dedicated to vines in the South West, making it one of France’s largest wine producing region. Representing 29 appellations d’origine protégées and 14 indications géographiques, the area’s winemakers are very successfull in preserving the authenticity of their products. From the banks of the Garonne to the Lot Valley by way of the Basque Country, the Pyrenees or Gascony, South West France offers a delightful range of terroirs and wines.


Generous and varied, the cuisine of South West France draws on an abundance of local quality products, many of which received a special distinction (indication géographique protégée; appellation d’origine protégée) and allow for perfect pairings with local wines.


Over 300 grape varietals are present in the South West, including 120 native varietals such as Négrette, Duras, Tannat, Malbec and others. They offer unique flavours that are central to the identity and personnality of the region’s wines. Varietials such as Colombard, Mauzac, Petit and Gros Manseng, Petit Courbu and Len de l’El, for their part, contribute to the uncanny charm of the dry and sweet white wines produced locally.


Red, white or rosé, dry or sweet, South West wines are know for their incredible aromatic palette. From a lively Côtes de Gascogne to a sweet Gaillac, a fragrant Fronton or a full-bodied Madiran, these wines can be enjoyed from apéritif to dessert. Whether you’re looking for a rosé before the meal, a red for your grilled fare or a white to bring out the best in a seafood dish, there’s a wine from the South West for you!


Wine-related activities play a major part in South West France’s economy with 5000 winemakers, 800 privately-owned cellars and 330 million bottles produced every year (white, red and rosé wines combined). The region is also famous for exceptional delicacies such as Aveyron lamb, Bayonne ham, Espelette pepper and Roquefort to name just a few.