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Financial results - Fiscal 2015-2016

The SAQ reports rising sales and net earnings for its 2015-2016 fiscal year



Montreal, June 10, 2016The SAQ ended its 2015-2016 fiscal year with net earnings of $1.067 billion, a 3.2% increase from the preceding year. Sales totalled $3.074 billion, 2.2% higher than in fiscal 2014-2015.



A $1.067 billion dividend paid to the Quebec government to the benefit of all Quebecers


  • The dividend surpassed by $27 million the target set by the government in its March 2015 budget and is $33.3 million bigger than the dividend for the preceding fiscal year.


  • Government revenue totalled $2.093 billion, an increase of $64.7 million (+3.2%), including $1.688 billion paid to the Quebec treasury and $405.5 million to the federal government.



Strong performance by the sales network


  • Sales from all sales and distribution networks combined rose $67.3 million (+2.2%) to $3.074 billion.
  • Volume sales reached 196.1 million litres, an increase of 3.4 million litres (+1.8%).


  • The store and specialized centre network recorded sales of $2.746 billion, up $62.4 million (+2.3%).
  • The corresponding volume sales increased 2.9 million litres (+1.9%) to 155.1 million litres.


  • Sales in the wholesale grocer network were up $4.9 million (+1.5%) to $327.4 million.
  • The corresponding volume sales totalled 41 million litres, a 0.5 million litre (+1.2%) increase.



Continuing sound management and net expenses under control


  • Expressed as a percentage of sales, net expenses showed improvement, ending the year at 18.6% (18.8% in fiscal 2014-2015) despite pay raises, higher sales volume, greater building occupancy expenses, including rent, and inflation on other costs.


  • Net expenses totalled $570.8 million, an increase of only $4.2 million (+0.7%).


This result says much about the efforts made by the SAQ in recent years to increase its efficiency through sound management while continuing to provide high-quality advisory service to its customers.



Wine on top, spirits trending


  • Wine sales in all the sales and distribution networks rose $36.7 million (+1.6%) to $2.301 billion.
  • Volume sales of wines reached 162.9 million litres, up 2.7 million litres (+1.7%).


  • Spirits had sales of $697.7 million, an increase of $33 million (+5%).
  • Volume sales of spirits grew 0.9 million litres (+4.1%) to 23 million litres.


  • In terms of volume sales, the market shares for these two product categories, the biggest at the SAQ, were 83.1% and 11.7% respectively.



Origine Québec: customers have fallen under the spell!


  • With nearly 500 products on offer in stores and on, volume sales of Quebec-made products, all categories combined, totalled nearly 1.5 million litres (+17%).


  • The Origine Québec wine category, including dessert wines and sparkling wines, saw volume sales increase and ended the year at close to 380,000 litres (+13%).


  • The popularity of Quebec-made spirits continued unabated, as it’s shown by the nearly 628,000 litres sold (+22%).


Maintaining its commitment to promoting Quebec products, the SAQ added an Origine Québec section in 90 stores, bringing to 270 the total in its network. The SAQ also helped develop the first IGP (indication géographique protégée) for Quebec wines.



2016 annual report (French only)



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Linda Bouchard

Media Relations Officer

Société des alcools du Québec

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