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The SAQ Inspire experience begins October 1!

Updated September 30, 2015, at 9:05 a.m.  |  Published September 30, at 9:00 a.m.


With SAQ Inspire, we offer you a unique entry into a world of discovery and all kinds of features. To take advantage of it, simply register online or at an SAQ store beginning October 1. You will then receive your discovery card(s) and be able to create your taste profile. Free of charge and voluntary, this new program will let you receive personalized information, advice and more, all geared to your preferences.



Inspire and better advise you

As you’ve often told us, what you most appreciate is the advisory service provided by our experts. With SAQ Inspire, we are giving you the opportunity to extend this experience whenever and wherever. Because you enjoy wine, spirits, cocktails and exploring and discovering, it is yet another way to stimulate your interest and enthusiasm.


You will receive a wealth of information, including personalized offers, notification of tasting workshops, announcements of new arrivals, recipe ideas, invitations to exclusive events, surprising discoveries, made-to-measure advice and much more! As each customer has a unique relationship with the SAQ, the possibilities are endless.


For example, are you a fan of Italian wines, especially Chianti? With SAQ Inspire, we will provide you with suggestions for food and wine pairings involving products from that region. You will also learn about promotions on Italian wines and may eventually be invited to meet a Tuscan winemaker visiting Quebec or attend an in-store tasting.


SAQ Inspire is the newest of our recent initiatives to be more aligned with your interests and shopping habits. Think, for example, of Taste Tags, the Cellier Space, Espace Cocktail, and the recent opening of SAQ Dépôt stores. The new approach also meets a need expressed by customers every day in our stores.


What’s more, SAQ Inspire will evolve with you, become more and more relevant over time. Once the holiday season has passed, several new features will be offered.


Discover the SAQ Inspire experience in video.




An improved experience!

SAQ Inspire is also an opportunity to accumulate points at all times. Besides base points, there are any number of ways to earn bonus points on featured products and product categories, not to mention the infinite combinations offered by discounts and promotions.


While points may be a perk of the SAQ Inspire experience, they are not its be-all and end-all. What they will do is encourage discovery and participation.



Five times the points on Origine Québec products

For example, between October 8 and 11, SAQ Inspire will let you obtain five times the points on Origine Québec products. A great opportunity to discover local products!



Customers will have two ways to sign up beginning October 1:


1)      In stores:

To open an account, go to the checkout counter in an SAQ store of your choosing and give the cashier-sales clerk your email address. The cashier-sales clerk will give you one or two cards—your choice. Then visit to complete your registration.


2)      Online:

Register on You will receive a temporary code that you can print out or email. Present the code at checkout the next time you visit an SAQ store to receive your SAQ Inspire card (or two cards if you prefer).