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Quebec: plonk-free zone!

Open letter


Quebec has had a wine bottling industry for more than 30 years. Comprised of experts and enthusiasts, the industry bottles quality wines found mainly in grocery and convenience stores and on the SAQ’s shelves.


In response to recent articles and prompted by a concern for transparency, we want to set the record straight about the quality of our products.


  • All wines sold in Quebec, whether bottled here or elsewhere, are tested by the SAQ laboratory. The laboratory, which has obtained ISO 17025 accreditation, performs more than 70,000 analyses a year and ensures the quality of the wines sold at the SAQ and in local grocery and convenience stores.


  • Quebec-bottled wines are the fruit of the initiative of hundreds of enthusiastic and expert individuals who put their know-how to use in developing quality products that Quebecers count among their favourites.


  • Bottling wine outside the country of origin is a process whose merits have been demonstrated around the globe: its economic and ecological advantages make it an indispensible part of the industry. Technological processes have been developed to maintain products’ freshness and integrity during shipping and bottling.


  • Quebec-bottled products comply with current labelling standards, are subject to the same price structure as other products and meet all standards set by Health Canada.


Quebecers are fortunate to have access to a diversified market that makes a multitude of products from the four corners of the world available to them. Taste preferences aside, the quality of these products is always high, irrespective of whether they are bottled here or abroad.


We assure you of the quality of our wines. In fact, they are a source of pride for us.



Signed by:

Association des viniculteurs négociants du Québec (AVNQ)
Conseil de la transformation agroalimentaire et des produits de consommation (CTAC)
Jessica Harnois, Sommelier
François Chartier, Créateur d’harmonies
Guenaël Revel, autor, Monsieur Bulles
François Pouliot, La Face cachée de la pomme
Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ)