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Results for the first quarter of fiscal 2015-2016

Montreal, September 18, 2015For the first quarter of its 2015-2016 fiscal year, which ended on June 20, 2015, the SAQ reported net earnings of $237 million, an increase of $2.8 million or 1.2%. Programming changes to this year’s promotional activity calendar as well as sound management partially explain this result.


The SAQ’s overall sales totalled $685.1 million, a $7.8 million decrease from the preceding fiscal year. The store and specialized centre network had sales of $612.1 million, compared with the $614.7 million recorded 12 months earlier. For their part, volume sales amounted to 35.5 million litres. Also, sales in the wholesale grocer network fell $5.2 million or 6.6% to $73 million. The corresponding volume sales declined 6.2% to end the quarter at 9.1 million litres.


Expressed as a percentage of sales, net expenses were 18.6%, down from 19% in the preceding fiscal year.


Volume sales by category

-   Wines decreased 2.7%, ending the quarter at 36.6 million litres.

-   Spirits increased 2% to total 5 million litres.

-   Coolers, also known as ready-to-drinks, rose 5% to 2.1 million litres

-   Beers, ciders and related products held steady at 0.9 million litres.


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Renaud Dugas

Media Relations Officer

Société des alcools du Québec

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