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3 ways to enjoy corn on the cob

It’s prime corn season – so what’s better than a weekend corn roast?

Grilled or boiled corn with lashings of butter is a perennial classic. But there are other ways of enjoying corn on the cob. Here are three easy-to-follow recipes that will turn your corn-roast evening into a fancy dinner party, complete with wine pairings as diversified as the recipes.

(c) Marie des Neiges Magnan

Recipe 1: Grilled corn on the cob with feta, basil and oregano

This recipe is simple to make, but will add a sophisticated touch to your barbecue. A few ingredients are enough to transform this summer classic into a divine sidekick!

4 servings


8 ears of fresh corn

250 mL (1 cup) crumbled feta

250 mL (1 cup) chopped basil and oregano

10 mL (2 tsp) lemon juice

10 mL (2 tsp) pepper

Zest of 1 lemon


In a bowl, mix together basil, oregano, lemon zest and pepper. Set aside.

Trim the silk sticking out from the tip of the ears (do not peel the husks)

Bring a pot of water to a boil and cook unshucked cobs for 10 minutes. Plunge the cobs into cold water to stop the cooking process. Let cool, then drain water.

Pull the husks down to the base of the stalks, leaving the husks attached. Using string, tie back the husks (the husks will serve as a handle during grilling).

Preheat the BBQ to high and grill the corn on all sides. Just before serving, sprinkle corn on the cob with feta. Wait until feta is slightly melted and then top with herb and lemon mixture.

(c) Tastevino

Recipe 2: Mexican-Style Corn on the Cob

Courtesy of Chef S’Arto Chartier-Otis, this recipe features taco ingredients like hot sauce, cheese and other garnishes. It’s delicious and easy to prepare.

4 servings


4 ears of corn

Grapeseed oil

3 green onions, sliced

1 jalapeño pepper, seeded and diced

4 raclette cheese slices

Fresh coriander, minced

Tabasco-style hot sauce


Boil corn in its husk, 8 minutes.

Combine oil, onions and jalapeño.

Peel corn, leaving husk at the base.

Rub with the oil, onion and jalapeño mixture.

Grill corn on the barbecue.

Top each ear of hot corn with a cheese slice.

Garnish with green onions and hot sauce.

(c) Tastevino

Recipe 3: Thai-Style Corn on the Cob

This time, the corn borrows its intense flavours and personality from an oil infused with exotic ingredients. The recipe is the creation of Dominique Sanschagrin, food-and-wine blogger and inveterate foodie: tastevino.com


60 mL (1/4 cup) hoisin sauce

15 mL (1 tbsp) soy sauce

5 mL (1 tsp) sesame oil

Lime juice

Sambal Oelek, to taste

Black and white sesame seeds, to taste


Preheat barbecue on high.

Combine hoisin sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, lime juice and Sambal Oelek.

Brush mixture over corn.

Grill corn on every side.

Sprinkle sesame seeds over corn before serving.

Bon appétit!