Sous le bouchon - Episode 4 | The alcohol-free trend


Episode 4 | The alcohol-free trend

The market for alcohol-free products is booming! This trend is part of a movement toward a more conscious consumption, here and elsewhere in the world. Two experts talk about these products, which are gaining more and more followers without compromising on quality and taste.

Published on February 15, 2022

Episode 4 – The alcohol-free trend

Sous le Bouchon – The SAQ podcast

A discussion with two passionate SAQ experts: Annie Letendre and Stéphanie Taschereau.

Selon nos experts en verre allégé à la SAQ,  

« Le poids de la bouteille n’est aucunement
lié à la qualité du vin qu’il contient »

 - Ines Castillo, directrice Europe

« Le verre allégé offre une réduction de 10 à 20 % de l’impact
environnemental par rapport à une bouteille normale, c’est considérable »

- Christian Marier Pilon, directeur de la Responsabilité sociétale d’entreprise

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Want to know about the subject?

The world of alcohol-free beverages

Whether we opt for dry drinks for health reasons, lifestyle or just because we don’t wish to feel the effects of alcohol while toasting with friends, we can’t help but salute the work of producers behind this increasing diversity and quality.

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