Every year, I wait impatiently for the moment when my family and I reunite for Christmas brunch, all decked out in our most comfortable pyjamas. Still a little groggy from waking up so early, we all delight in gathering around the table after a short night’s sleep.

We’re all familiar with Christmas Eve, but we tend to forget that Christmas brunch is also a nice holiday tradition. Is your family staying with you, or are your friends dropping by? Here are a few gourmet and creative ideas for starting Christmas day off on the right foot.

A mimosa bar

This year, surprise and delight your guests with a mimosa bar! I love the idea of a bar where all your guests can unleash their creativity and create their very own cocktails. It’s a great way to add an exciting twist to the classic mimosa!

On a table, line up champagne glasses, a selection of different juices (be creative: blood orange-grapefruit, pomegranate-berries, mango-pineapple), some chic bottles and decanters and a platter of fresh fruit. Stock up on a few bottles of your favourite sparkling wine and place them in an ice bucket. And why not think outside the box and offer your guests some bubbly rosé or sparkling cider?

Here are a few sparkling wine classics that are perfect for the occasion:

On the menu

The morning after that huge Christmas spread that took days to prepare, I prefer a more laid-back formula that allows me to spend time at the table with my guests. My suggestion? A few small platters to share, served in the centre of the table:

Bar mimosa menuBar mimosa menu
  • Homemade crustless mini quiches
  • Mini crepes or French toasts
  • Croissants, bread, pastries and jams
  • Yogurt parfaits with berries and granola
  • Platter of Quebec cheeses
  • Deli meat and patés

Tips and tricks

Planning on making French toast? Use cookie cutters to create festive shapes! Have leftover mini quiches? Freeze them!

Homemade crustless mini quichesHomemade crustless mini quiches

When it comes to pairing brunch with wine, opt for well-loved classics like sparkling wine or whites with the fruity and vibrant or fruity and sweet taste tags.

Finally, brunch is a great alternative to evening parties when it comes to getting together with your loved ones. In order to spend as much time as possible with your guests, prepare your dishes the night before and opt for simple meals (they’ll be much appreciated after all the heavy eating that went on the night before!). And remember: what matters most is being with the ones you love!