Five German white wines to enjoy the sunny weather

German wines are perfectly suited for today’s tastes; lively wines with moderate alcohol content that rely on a rich history and grape varieties with a strong character.

Published on August 3, 2022
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Perfectly suited for today’s tastes

The German wine tradition has long been represented by some major references in our market that hid all the diversity of its production. However, the thirteen production regions offer a variety of wines that allow everyone to find something to their taste. Consumers have a myriad choices: White, red, rosé, orange or sparkling wines. With the arrival of summer, it’s a great idea to add German wines to your picnic basket or bring them along to the lake for the weekend.

Authentic and varied wines but always lively

Each of the production regions offers wines of great typicity, faithful to their origins and traditions. Among the best represented regions, we can think of the wines of the Moselle (Mosel) which offers some of the most brilliant expressions of the Riesling grape variety. The Palatinate (Pfalz) offers Weissburgunder wines, also known as Pinot Blanc, fresh and delicate with aromas of pear and melon. While the wines of Spätburgunder, the local name for Pinot Noir, stand out for their elegance, floral notes and a captivating scent of small red fruits. Coming from northern vineyards, they have in common a great freshness and rather low alcohol levels. They are therefore perfect companions for evenings in the sun and summer fare.

Quality with respect for nature

German winemakers have always been concerned with constantly raising the quality of their products, but consumer demands have also pushed them to think about other aspects of their production. In recent years, there has been a tendency to offer wines without artifice that highlight the intrinsic qualities of German grape varieties. The estates are integrating increasingly conscientious practices into the vineyard and the cultivated area dedicated to organic wines has tripled in Germany in the last decade. Quite in tune with the times, German wines are convincing a new generation of wine lovers.

Berlin, starting point of a new wave of German wines

The capital is often the incubator of trends that will spread elsewhere in the world and new German cuvées are no exception to this phenomenon. While Berlin's youth have long been more interested in energy drinks than wine, they now realize that local viticulture is as vibrant as Kreuzberg's nightclubs, thanks to wines that stand out for their quality above all, but also for their eye-catching labels. Glasses of Riesling or Silvaner are now as popular in the city’s elegant restaurants as among Mauerpark karaoke lovers. 

Variety and versatility make for great pairings 

German wines are therefore appreciated for their diversity and their low alcohol content but also for their versatility when creating pairings. Indeed, thanks to this range that highlights the freshness and typicity of the many local grape varieties, German wines are excellent table companions. Whether grilling at the campsite , with a salad at the chalet or to bring to an improvised aperitif in the park, here are five suggestions of German wines to savour under the sun. 

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Five suggestions of German wines to savour under the sun.

Grilled halloumi cheese on mixed salad Grilled halloumi cheese on mixed salad

Grilled halloumi cheese on mixed salad 

To contrast with the salty aspect of halloumi cheese, what could be better than a fresh and mineral wine like this Riesling from the Schieferkopf estate? This estate belonging to the Chapoutier family offers elegant and refined wines that highlight the citrus notes and liveliness typical of this grape variety. 

Beet hummus Beet hummus

Beet hummus 

An improvised aperitif in the park? Here’s a perfect match to accompany hummus, raw veggies and a game of pétanque! J.Bäumer's wine range relies on the qualities of German grape varieties at impeccable prices. This typical Riesling with notes of lime and melon is perfect for last minute invitations! 

Endive salad with blue cheese Endive salad with blue cheese

Endive salad with blue cheese 

Playing on the balance between liveliness and sweetness, this white from the Rheinhessen region is the perfect accompaniment for this endive salad with blue cheese. Serve it chilled on the balcony, in the park or at the campsite! 

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