So, you’ve started thinking about the holidays—the food, the gifts, the drinks…This year, why not try the mocktail version of your favourite cocktail? Comedian Preach has a few tips to help you discover some great mixes for decking the halls! 

Here in Canada, we’re lucky to find more and more high-quality alcohol-free products on shelves and online. Preach stirred up a fantastic dark and stormy (his personal favourite!) with this Noroi Esprit-des-Caraïbes non-alcoholic rum made right here in Québec. Combine the juice of a lime and two ounces of Esprit-des-Caraïbes and top with ginger beer (which, despite its name, contains no alcohol) and a few slices of lemon and lime

Taste the flavours!

Once upon a time, non-alcoholic cocktails were mostly sweet drinks, but that isn’t true anymore. The new alcohol-free options are high in quality and full of flavour. Québec gin Alphonse makes a flawless gin and tonic. If beer’s more your style, then you’ll be spoiled for choice, since a lot of brewers, including Boréale, now offer a range of options.

Non-alcoholic all around!

Alcohol-free cocktails are better than ever and come in a myriad of flavours. Once chiefly aimed at pregnant women and designated drivers, the new non-alcoholic drinks are for every palate and every occasion. From pre-dinner drinks to digestifs, alcohol-free options will keep the festivities going all evening.

A whole new world!

When you discover the world of non-alcoholic drinks, you’ll see that the choices are practically endless! Wondering where to start? Browse through these alcohol-free products and recipes for non-alcoholic cocktails. Your discoveries may even inspire a few holiday gifts for your friends and family. Non-alcoholic spirits by local producers make a great thank you for your hostess or host and slide easily under the tree!