Classic Kir

Traditionally, Kir was made with one-third crème de cassis and two-thirds Bourgogne Aligoté. However, because this produces a very sweet drink, many people prefer a smaller amount of cassis. For a good balance, we suggest mixing 15 mL of cassis with 105 mL of white wine, which will produce a Kir that is just sweet enough. There are always many kinds of Aligotés available, but other dry white wines, like Modello Masi, will produce a cocktail that’s just as satisfying.

Red or rosé?

This cassis-based cocktail can also be made with red wine, whereupon it’s called a Cardinal (or Communard). If you feel like trying it with rosé, you’ll end up with a Kir Médocain.

Royal or Imperial?

If you like fizzy cocktails, the Kir Royal is a simple, delicious option. You only need to replace the white wine with sparkling wine—traditionally, you would use Crémant de Bourgogne. For those celebrating a major event or who want to make a big impression, go for a Kir Impérial, which combines cassis with champagne.

You could take things even further and play with the basic idea of Kir using many other fruit-based alcohols: strawberry, raspberry, or even orange.

How do you like your Kir?