Exciting news, January 19 was declared National Popcorn Day. After peace, the earth, water and of course poutine, the noble grain gets its very own day, much to my delight. You may have noticed its increasing popularity in recent times, popping up more and more in the isles usually reserved to chips. So to celebrate this exciting day, we’ve got a few ideas that go beyond butter plus pairings to really make it shine.

Make it pop!

To create your base, the corn in all its fluffy white glory, a few options are available. First, the traditional prepackaged microwave-friendly bag, or a simple brown paper bag you can fill yourself (a quarter to half a cup, depending on bag size). Then you have the stovetop option, where things get interesting because of the different oils you can use: canola, avocado, coconut or olive. Or, take it to the next level by heating it over leftover bacon fat. You could even make it totally decadent and drizzle (or slather) with maple syrup.

Herbs and cheese

Simple and flavourful, the first “recipe” commands dried herbs you’ll mortar yourself and sprinkle over the popped corn in a bag with olive oil. Once well shaken, serve and top with a generous amount of freshly and finely grated parmesan. To really make the evening grand, you’ll devour the whole thing while watching a movie, glass of Fruity and Vibrant sparkling wine in hand.

Hot sauce and lime

Add a little heat to your winter day by transforming your popcorn into a bowl of exotic and spicy fun. To do so, simply add some hot pepper sauce, like Sriracha, to your melted butter and once evenly mixed, splash with fresh lime juice. Pair with a refreshing blond lager, style pilsner.

Truffle oil

If you’re in the mood for something fancier, this prized mushroom’s oil is a really fine match for popcorn. Only a few drops are needed to season the corn, and since the taste is quite pronounced, you don’t need much else but salt and pepper. Enjoy with a lovely Aromatic and Supple Pinot if red wine is what you feel like having.

When it comes to toppings, let your imagination run free and remember this: corn, even when popped, is a grain like others you can use in many different ways.