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Nonalcoholic drinks: Something for everyone!

Dry month, #sobersunday, #sobercurious…More than just a trend, the shift to no alcohol is becoming an increasingly popular life choice. Discover the amazing world of nonalcoholic drinks, which covers everything from cocktails to wine and ready-to-drink options!

Published on February 8, 2022

The shift to alcohol-free is happening around the world, and Québec is no exception! What was once a trend has become a more conscious habit. With the movements to consume less and better and embrace wellness that so many public figures are advocating for, a lot of us are rethinking our alcohol consumption.  

It’s a concept that originated in the United Kingdom and quickly caught on. According to Patrice Plante at Monsieur Cocktail, the keen interest in nonalcoholic beverages is rooted in the idea of not placing alcohol at the core of our social relations and turning the spotlight on the drink itself, regardless of whether or not it contains any alcohol. He supports a movement in which everyone can enjoy the same cocktail, with or without alcohol.

The classics, revisited

The virgin mojito’s finest hour is long past, and so is the need to come up with useless justifications. The wide array of alcoholic cocktails has set the stage for a multitude of alcohol-free drinks.

Nonalcoholic gin: No more counting!

Unlike wine and beer, gin isn’t dealcoholized, since there’s no alcohol to remove. To give a nonalcoholic spirit its complexity, the distiller uses the same copper still process as for alcohol-based gin. Instead of distilling a neutral alcohol and aromatics, the gin gets its character from a water-based solution.

Distillerie Noroi’s Esprit-De-London gin, with its very pronounced aromas lifted by essence of orange peel, is the perfect nonalcoholic spirit to mix drinks. 

Here are some simple recipe ideas that can be prepared at home and easily made with nonalcoholic gin: 

Click here for more ideas to mix your next nonalcoholic gin-based drinks.

Fun in a can

Ready-to-drink beverages are fantastically popular, and there are so many excellent alcohol-free options. And what could be simpler than popping open a can? The huge interest in colourful canned cocktails quickly led to the arrival of an impressive array of tastes and flavours. Here are just a few recommendations:

Say yes to a second glass of (nonalcoholic) wine 

It’s a question that gets asked again and again: how do you get the alcohol out of the wine? Regular and nonalcoholic wines start out the same way: White wine is pressed and reds and rosés macerate. The next step is alcoholic fermentation, which is what makes the juice turn to wine. 

The wine is then dealcoholized in a different vat and cooled to -30 °C for just a quick moment to reduce the density of the alcohol, which separates from the rest of the liquid and can then be easily removed. To rebalance the acidity and preserve the final product, vitamin C is added.

We suggest you try: 

There will certainly be more and more alcohol-free options, and we think that’s great news. Try a few: we’re sure you’ll love them! Cheers!

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