Pairing ideas abound when it comes to the humble sausage and its almost infinite variety of sizes, flavours and spices. Should you be uncertain, here’s a way to help you find the right taste-tag match

Wine and food pairingsWine and food pairings
Fruity and medium-bodiedFruity and medium-bodied

Chicken-and-broccoli sausage – fruity and medium-bodied

FRUITY AND MEDIUM-BODIED reds – dense in colour with exuberant, fruity notes and subtle tannins – go well with delicately spiced sausages, white meat and vegetables, pasta with pesto and sun-dried tomatoes, small game, and even tuna.

Aromatic and suppleAromatic and supple

Italian sausage – aromatic and supple

Versatile Italian sausages are everyone’s all-time favourites. Serve them with a refreshing salad, as a deluxe hot-dog, or with pasta. Wines tagged AROMATIC AND SUPPLE are well-suited to their seasonings and offer an instantly succulent pairing.

Aromatic and robustAromatic and robust

Merguez sausage – aromatic and robust

For adventurous foodies eager to threaten their taste buds with a fiery-hot merguez, AROMATIC AND ROBUST wines deliver the perfect antidote to the burning sensation in the mouth.

Our suggestions

Santa Cristina – fruity and medium-bodied

An Italian wine with an intense ruby hue, it has delicate notes of red fruit, mild spices and flowers. It leaves a pleasant, fresh feeling on the tongue. Served with chicken-and-broccoli sausages, it makes an ideal partner for this mixture of flavours.

Shiraz Koonunga Hill – aromatic and robust

A powerful nose suffused with eucalyptus and blackberries, this Australian red allows you to detect hints of ripe red fruit. Its acidity is subtle, the tannins well rounded. So, order spicy dishes with impunity – there’s no chance of burning your tongue.Trust us.