If the groundhog and his shadow are the kick-off to spring, then the shelves full of rosés at the SAQ are definitely a sign that summer is just around the corner! Now’s the time to enjoy a refreshing glass of rosé on your terrace, while the sun shines bright in the sky!

When we think of rosés, we immediately think of our French cousins’ wine, especially those hailing from Provence, the rosé capital of the world. But did you know that Quebec vineyards produce some rosés that are just as excellent? Quebec rosés have seen an increase in popularity these past few years, so much so, in fact, that our vineyards have had to increase their production just to keep up with the overwhelming demand!

According to Yvan Quirion, Domaine St-Jacques wine producer, rosé wine is currently the product enjoying the biggest growth in production (close to 40%) in certified vineyards across Quebec.

Domaine St-JacquesDomaine St-Jacques

Yvan Quirion, Domaine St-Jacques producer, with the Domaine’s oenologist, Simon Gauthier.

“Without a doubt, rosés from Quebec are gaining in popularity throughout the province,” states Yvan Quirion. “In fact, there has been a noticeable rise in the popularity of light rosés, which resemble the more traditional Provence rosés." However, it must be pointed out that these ‘light rosés’ do not automatically rhyme with ‘dry and acidulous wine’, just as darker rosés do not necessarily translate into higher amounts of residual sugar. The dry rosé from Domaine St-Jacques is a good example of this!

Quebec vineyards are increasingly launching themselves into the production of rosé, which means there are loads of good wines to discover this summer. Here are a few of La Belle Province’s must-try bottles!

Vignoble Rivière du Chêne Le Rosé Gabrielle

With its bouquet of floral notes and red berries, this rosé has an attack that is fresh, soft and fruity. Perfect as an aperitif on the terrace, this rosé pairs delightfylly with trout, salmon, grilled shrimp and poultry.

Domaine du Ridge Champs de Florence

Don’t be fooled by its name, this rosé is definitely 100% “quebecois”! Fresh and soft on the palate, this rosé is characterized by aromas of red berries and pomegranate. Enjoy it alone as an aperitif, or serve it with Mediterranean dishes, mixed salads, white meats and grilled fish.

Domaine St-Jacques Rosé

With its intense cherry red robe, this rosé will definitely surprise (and delight) you! Far from being a sweet wine, this dry rosé boasts aromas of red berries, with subtle floral undertones. Traditional rosé lovers will be seduced by its fresh taste and supple finish. Versatile, it pairs beautifully with grilled dishes, pasta with rosé sauce, salads and pink-fleshed fish, such as a delicious salmon filet grilled on the BBQ!

Coteau Rougemont Versant Rosé

This rosé presents aromas of red berries with floral notes. It is fresh and fruity on the palate with a touch of spicy undertones. Enjoy it with Mediterannean dishes, seafood, pink-fleshed fish, or simply as an aperitif on your terrace.

Château de Cartes Vin Gris

Inspired by Provence rosés, this vin gris is obtained by direct pressing of the grapes. This method limits the contact of the skins with the juice and gives a light-coloured rosé, straightforward and delicate. 

Domaine de Lavoie Rosé

Installed in Quebec’s apple capital, the Lavoie family also tends to 83 000 plants of vine in Rougemont, of the Frontenac and Éona varietals which make up this cuvee. The refreshing mouth displays strawberry and raspberry and is notably persistent. The perfect rosé for a Sunday brunch.

Keep your eyes peeled for the other Quebec rosés offered at the SAQ, especially with the warm weather just around the corner! Summer is the perfect opportunity to discover our province’s rosé wines and enjoy them all summer long. Share your favourites on social media!