Thanks to their creamy texture and salty taste, soft cheeses generally pair perfectly with white wine, just as hearty red wines go well Parmesan or any other hard cheese. You can even create pairings with port wine, or fortified wins. The important thing is to try… and taste!

The order of the operations is easy. You should simply present the lighter cheeses and wines at the beginning, and end with those that are stronger and more full-bodied.

For the wine: Count on about 3/4 of a bottle per person.

For the cheese: About 20 grams of each cheese per person.

In a formal setting, a wine and cheese tasting unfolds over three or four different courses, with each one comprised of three cheeses and two wines. But you can also present everything all at once. Having a good time is what counts! Here are several suggestions for a tasting with three different courses:

For cheeses, you will find our suggestions on the site: (in French only)


Course n°1:

The wines: Chardonnay wines generally offer a good body and a pleasant fruitiness.

  1. Taste tag : Aromatic and mellow
    Château St Jean Chardonnay Sonoma White wine | 750 ml United States , California
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With yellow apple and butter flavours with a slight nutty character, it’s definitely a wine to discover if you haven’t already!

  1. Taste tag : Aromatic and mellow
    Kim Crawford Unoaked Chardonnay White wine | 750 ml New Zealand , South Island
    AvailableOnline AvailableIn store

The second white wine for the course is a classic from Kim Crawford Wines. Their chardonnay, also with the taste tag of AROMATIC AND MELLOW, has white fruit flavours. It’s a safe bet, that all your friends will enjoy.

Course n°2: 

The wines:

  1. Taste tag : Fruity and medium-bodied
    Masi Bonacosta Valpolicella Classico Red wine | 750 ml Italy , Veneto
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Valpolicella is always a good choice. The wines from this region have supple tannins and exude a lovely freshness, like this one, labelled FRUITY AND MEDIUM-BODIED.

The cheeses: Le Douanier, Le Mamirolle, Le Moine, Vaudreuil Brie, L’Empereur.

Course n°3:

The wines:

  1. Mas Amiel Maury Vintage 2016 Maury | 375 ml France , Languedoc-Roussillon
    Not availableOnline AvailableIn store

To bring a breath of fresh air into your last course, experiment with this fortified wine. Its red fruit aromas and the sweetness of its tannins will create a creamy pairing with your cheeses.

  1. Taylor Fladgate Late Bottled Vintage Port | 750 ml Portugal , Porto/Douro
    AvailableOnline AvailableIn store

Port! Why not conclude your wine and cheese evening with a late bottled vintage? This tawny port exudes spicy aromas and presents a pleasant freshness and a creamy texture in the mouth.

The cheeses: Bleu Bénédictin, Le Ciel de Charlevoix, Le Rassembleu, Cheddar extra-fort d’ici.


Gourmet trick: Throughout the tasting, don’t hesitate to serve duck rillettes, charcuterie, or even small bowls of fruit. A little variety is always appreciated!