Portugal boasts a surprising array of wines. From Vinho Verde to Algarve, the specificity of each terroir as well as the climatic influences offer blends of unique character. With more than 250 indigenous grape varieties across the country, producers can pride themselves on creating wines that are truly out of the ordinary. Portugal is one of the wine producers of the Old World and offers a wide range of produce of impeccable quality, both accessible and delicious. This holiday season, discover Portuguese wines, and find inspiration from our pairing suggestions that are sure to impress!

Delicious holiday pairings

Buckwheat pancakes with smoked troutBuckwheat pancakes with smoked trout

1 - Buckwheat pancakes with smoked trout

Here's a simple yet delicious suggestion for a tasty bite. Success lies in the quality of the ingredients; choose a Portuguese smoked trout! For the aperitif, choose an aromatic and supple wine from the Península de Setúbal: Adega de Pegões Colheita Seleccionada. With its notes of wood, peach and pear, this wine is a great complement to these appetizers, and should be served very cold! Another good match would be with the AdegaMãe Dory IGP Lisboa, a white wine whose beautiful acidity and freshness makes it the pairing to both the fish and the lemon cream spread.

Apple-stuffed roast of porkApple-stuffed roast of pork

2- Apple-stuffed pork roast

This delicious main course is sure to impress your guests. It is a convivial holiday meal that celebrates Quebec ingredients like apples and cranberries. To accompany this stuffed pork roast, with its delicate meat and a slight touch of sweetness, we opt for fruity red wines with good structure to support the complexity of the dish's flavours. Niepoort Diálogo DOC Douro and Vinhos Borges Meia Encosta Reserva DOC Dão 2019 are two Portuguese wines that fit the bill. Both of them are blends of local grape varieties that will make you discover all the richness of the regional flavours. Two safe bets that are versatile and easy to drink!

Traditional three-meat pieTraditional three-meat pie

3- Traditional three-meat tourtière

Whether you call it a "tourtière" or a "meat pie," this iconic Quebecois dinner party dish is a staple during the holiday season. Our recipe includes three different kinds of meat for a flavourful result that is sure to draw praise from your guests, especially when served with the right wine. To accompany this tourtière, you need a wine with character. The rich, silky tannins of the 2018 Duorum Colheita DOC Douro, and the spice and black cherry notes of the 2019 Poças Vale de Cavalos DOC Douro make them both fitting choices.

The perfect roast turkeyThe perfect roast turkey

4- The Perfect Roast Turkey

 It's not always easy to cook a turkey. It may be the signature dish of the family Christmas dinner, but many people dread the hassle of cooking such a large bird. Don't worry, we have the foolproof recipe! It will save you a lot of trouble and keep the whole family satisfied. Now that we've got dinner out of the way, the question of wine remains. To accompany a white meat like this one, there is a lot to choose from. Whether you decide to go with an aromatic white like the 2019 Casa Ferreirinha Papa Figos DOC Douro or for a red with light vanilla notes like the 2017 Cabeça de Toiro Reserva DOC Do Tejo, there's something for everyone.

Barbecued eggplant-cheese stacksBarbecued eggplant-cheese stacks

5- Barbecued eggplant-cheese stacks

Here's a vegetarian dish that's rich in flavour! These eggplant and grilled halloumi stacks can be served as a starter or as a main course. As for the wine, red or white? The great thing is that both are possible! The Castelinho Reserva DOC Douro 2019 is a red wine with a strong personality and notes of truffles and chocolate. The tannins are fresh and offer a lingering, slightly astringent finish. In the whites, go with the Contraste Douro. Straw yellow in colour, with notes of peach, almond, lime and butter on the nose. Dry on the palate with a nice acidity, this wine is well balanced and fresh. Whatever your choice, these two Douro wines will pair well with this dish.

Roast leg of lamb with honey and root vegetablesRoast leg of lamb with honey and root vegetables

6- Roast leg of lamb with honey and root vegetables

This year for the holidays, why not get off the beaten path? Forget the traditional meatball stew and impress your guests by cooking a fine meat like lamb. This recipe is tender, festive and delicious. To accompany it, we suggest two Portuguese wines which both have a beautiful structure and intensity. The Vincente Faria Gloria Reserva DOC Douro 2019 and the José Maria da Fonseca Waterdog Reserva IGP Península de Setúbal 2019 are two very good choices that will complement the complex flavours of the dish. Cheers!

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