Pairing ideas abound when it comes to the humble sausage and its almost infinite variety of sizes, flavours and spices. Should you be uncertain, here’s a way to help you find the right taste-tag match

Wine and food pairingsWine and food pairings
Fruity and medium-bodiedFruity and medium-bodied

Chicken-and-broccoli sausage – fruity and medium-bodied

FRUITY AND MEDIUM-BODIED reds – dense in colour with exuberant, fruity notes and subtle tannins – go well with delicately spiced sausages, white meat and vegetables, pasta with pesto and sun-dried tomatoes, small game, and even tuna.

Aromatic and suppleAromatic and supple

Italian sausage – aromatic and supple

Versatile Italian sausages are everyone’s all-time favourites. Serve them with a refreshing salad, as a deluxe hot-dog, or with pasta. Wines tagged AROMATIC AND SUPPLE are well-suited to their seasonings and offer an instantly succulent pairing.

Aromatic and robustAromatic and robust

Merguez sausage – aromatic and robust

For adventurous foodies eager to threaten their taste buds with a fiery-hot merguez, AROMATIC AND ROBUST wines deliver the perfect antidote to the burning sensation in the mouth.

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