Top 5 cocktails for your summer holiday


Top 5 cocktails for your summer holiday

Can you feel it in the air? It’s vacay time! And because on holiday you treat yourself to more elaborate meals and drinks, we’ve got you covered with the perfect cocktails for your camping and cottage adventures, or even just your blissful backyard staycation.

Published on July 21, 2022

Bags have been packed for days and finally, five o’clock comes around and you’re off: countryside, lakeside, anything outside.

After inevitable hours in traffic and plenty of (or lack of) patience, you might like a drink upon arrival to celebrate this long-awaited moment. A Shooting Star under the stars with friends? A Happy Camper whilst attempting to set up your tent? Or a rose-petal mocktail for a romantic ponton ride? We can think of great ideas for all your plans, from beginning to end (sigh) of two delightful weeks off.

À vos shakers et mélangeurs


Shooting Star, punch version

Made with gin, ice cider and seasonal berries, this punch certainly highlights the most delicious local assets. The addition or star anise is perfectly on trend and adds a little dimension to the mix. Plus, it’s low in alcohol, so it would be perfect as an aperitif at a wedding or you know, weeknight holiday with friends at the cottage.

Happy Camper

Yes, the Mason jar has past its prime, but coffee cocktails just happen to be part of 2022 cocktail trends, so there. And you have to admit the jar comes in handy to mix and shake: combine spiced rum, espresso and ginger soda over ice and voilà! Add all of the above to the camping list, right after bug spray.

50 Days

Short of actually having 50 days off, take full advantage of your fortnight by treating yourself to a luxe cocktail. Almond liqueur (we predict a comeback, you heard it here first), citrus juice, diced apple, mint and other garden prowess come together in a small glass of contrasts and pleasure. No big deal.


No matter the reason to go alcohol-free, it’s always chic to plan an option. Or two. And how’s this for fancy: actual rose petals in your drink. You can even take it up a notch by freezing the petals in your ice cubes. The mix of pineapple and white cranberry juice with some rose syrup is exotic, complex and very refreshing. This too has wedding written all over it. But a holiday date night under the string lights will do.

If you’re looking for more ideas, we have a long list of cocktails perfectly suited for the cottage, and even more suggestions inspired by sunny destinations. Because if you’re not flying off somewhere exotic, there’s no reason not to turn your backyard or balcony into a little oasis. Local weather provides the heat and humidity, after all.

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